Spelljammer Summaries 1-4: Start Me Up

What is this?
This is gonna be a nice and casual dive into my own home game of Dungeons & Dragons. Most of the time I will be going into details, but today’s article is a quick catch up for four different sessions.

Also, these won’t be edited, and are designed to be casual me -> you DM discussions.

So, first things first. Because I’ve been running this game for a few weeks already, to get the crew all settled and happy with their characters, I’ll be skimming over the first four sessions, and using this post to introduce you all to the game.

This is a 5th edition D&D game set in the Spelljammer setting. If you’re not sure what that is, there are a bunch of resources to learn about it, but I’ll explain quickly.

Dungeons & Dragons in space, without advanced technology. Think magic-powered ships surrounded by gravity-formed air bubbles. The solar systems are held within immense Crystal Spheres, and exiting a Crystal Sphere allows one to sail the rainbow gas between systems called the Phlogiston.

It’s all super funky and rad, and is based on some really old greek ideas of the universe. It was D&D’s first way to get from one setting to another.

The Player Characters
So of course this leads to our… leads. Our main characters are:

Amalia Atwood: Tiefling Warlock with a rich family she was not a fan of. She ditched home with her personal butler-bot Memphis and new partner-in-crime Leo, after attempting a little stunt during her Sister’s wedding. It failed.

Memphis: Warforged Former-Cleric for Amalia’s family. Memphis served for a very long time before that as a soldier for the Dwarven Empire, during the Trinity War. Even he doesn’t know much about who he was, and that’s because he recently died for a bit.

Leo Erosia: Tiefling Rogue with a solid understanding of how to screw his way into the pockets and wallets of any creature that still draws a breath. Is looking to pay off more than a few folks, including one very close to him, that is very very far away.

Vesk Lashraw: Human Barbarian from a far off sphere. He’s been working and killing his way through job after job, and connected with the group quite randomly, but took a shine to them quick. It seems that this is his second go at life, having been granted a second chance by a black-hole “goddess” named Vauldra.

Our Story So Far
The party took a job for a well known trade organization called “The Lightway Company”. They signed some papers, hopped on a ship, and got ready to fly from Merspace (My first Homebrew world) to Greyspace (Greyhawk, the first D&D setting).

Things went south fairly quick though. Pirates attacked the ship, and while both ships were locked in combat, they slammed into the side of an invisible Crystal Sphere. This broke a chunk out of the Sphere, and both ships crashed down onto the planet Doom.

They quickly found out that the snowy planet of Doom was a ship’s graveyard, and found others like them, lost and alone. A couple of these folks had even been doing work for The Lightway Company.


There was a small down within Doom, made up of the remains of several Spelljammers. The party made quick friends with these NPCs and made a plan to find enough pieces of ship to make a working one and “get off this rock”.

After stealing a pump helm from the Goblins at point E, climbing up to point D and securing the chassis of an old Elven Man-o-War, they seemed ready to go. They had one last thing to do though, and that was save an NPC that had been kidnapped by the pirates over at point F.

This fight was rough, and Memphis and Vesk ended up being killed. Leo and Amalia were tied to the bodies and left for dead. But with the help of the Cleric back in town and a ship Engineer, they brought the two back to life, at a cost. Memphis was given a new core, and lost his memories and connection to his god, Ptah. Vesk has had a few darker moods, and is now a bit more violent.

Once the crew reconnected with the remaining folks back in town, they brought the Pump Helm to the top of the cliff where they had secured the Man-o-War and found the remains of the pirates. It seemed that something had killed them. As they flew away from the planet, they realized they were being chased by the thing that killed the pirates. A Young White Dragon. After a long and brutal fight, Vesk carved one of the wings of the Dragon off at it’s shoulder and the Dragon fell back to Doom.

The party made their way into the Phlogiston, and set sail for Realmspace, the home of many of them and the location of “The Rock of Braal” a major city in Wildspace.

(Wildspace is all space within a sphere, no matter which one. “name”space refers to a specific Sphere, such as Realmspace referring to the Crystal Sphere that houses the Forgotten Realms system.)

As they sailed slowly down the flow of Phlogiston, they realized fairly quickly that they wouldn’t have enough resources for the nearly 47 day journey. Once they spotted a Crystal Sphere, they all tensely agreed to try it out for shops or civilization.


What they found was much better than that. A small system, with just three planets. One of which was a dusty red flatworld with a vertical ring of air surrounding it.  The ring of air was used for racing small beasts and vehicles, and the entire Class B (About 10,000 feet across) planetoid was used for criminal organizations and nastier folk to do business with one another. Various races were involved, including a Mind Flayer run arena, market, and casino, or a Lizardfolk Brothel.

The party sold their busted Man-o-War and bought a new ship with the remaining gold. Though one that was much smaller, yet much faster and easier to maneuver as well. They went on a small shopping spree, and picked up quite a lot of useful equipment and gear. Including some fun Alchemical candles, and few hits of a drug called “Snipper”.

After all was said and done however, they left with two less folks than when they arrived, and luckily, their ship was able to be driven with a minimum crew of eight.

The Crew
So far, the crew of NPC’s that work with the party consist of the following.

Gibben Vell: Gnomish Tinkerer, she has a heavy scottish accent a distinct anger for bullshit. She has a soft spot for Memphis, and helped replace his core. She is the scout of the ship, using her Thundercannon to blast stuff out of the sky.

Chirp: A Wood Woad who speaks Sylvan, Chirp is very matter-of-fact and speaks in what sounds like Bird Whistles. He has two translators on the ship, Memphis, and Oolu. He, Gibben, and Memphis, are all craft and capable of repairing the vessel, but when you get Chirp in a fight, you better watch out!

Gargax: A Goblin Grave Cleric of Malubiyet, Gargax is crass, rude, and cowardly. He’s really just a little dirtbag, but one that isn’t greedy to the party and helps out with healing and fighting. He and Vesk spar occasionally, and he has a soft spot for Oolu, who convinced him not to be like the other Goblins he was with down on Doom.

Oolu: An odd one, and perhaps the crewmember with the most common sense, Oolu is a Warlock to a mechanical being that sails the Astral Sea. She is working to map out the different Spheres within the Prime Material Realm.

The Rest
This post is not going to be part of the standard formula of Spelljammer Summaries. I’m actually leaning more towards keeping these well formatted, and covering the growth of the characters, what I prepped before the session/how that went, and then discussing what I can learn from the session. These are important things for a DM to express and share, and so I hope you all read along and enjoy yourselves!

Spelljammer Summaries is a simple Campaign Diary article series about my time running a 5e Spelljammer game. It is filled with many details and lore about Spelljammer, with a good portion of my own homebrew rules. 

If you have any more questions about how to run your own Spelljammer game, Contact me! I’ll be happy to share any personal resources I use. 

Here are a few resources from across the web that got me started!

Spelljammer Subreddit

WebDM’s Spelljammer Video

Spelljammer: Beyond the Moons

Official PDFs of the 2E Spelljammer Books

I've been a huge fan of RPGs for the longest time now. Dungeons & Dragons has become my favorite hobby, and connected me with all sorts of people all over the world.

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