Update: Patreon, Ads, Site, New Series!

Hey there everybody, got a whole new collection of stuff to talk with you all about!

First things first, the Patreon!
I’ve had the Patreon for a little while now, but it wasn’t exactly narrow enough in scope to be realistic. I did gain a few Patrons, and to those of you who signed up, thank you so much!

But, I’ve since made it easier than ever to understand what you get by supporting me, and part of that is getting all my articles early. All the articles from this very site are always going to be free, but you’ll get them a day earlier! Which means if you’re a Patron, go head over to my Patreon and take a look at tomorrows Sense of Immersion on Giff!

Another cool part of my Patreon will be the Monsters, Items, Spells, and more that I’ve been working on for years. I’ll be posting those up for “Heroes” level Patrons! All of it is creative, fresh, and easily used in any game!

The final part of my Patreon is having access to my Discord server, which lets you chat with me and other members of the Dugangames community! Talk shop, make new friends, and even see a little hint of what I’m working on here and there.

I’ve heard you. You hate the Ads. Frankly? I hate them too. So I’ve gotten rid of them. No more Ads. Woo hoo!

Site Updates
While the new site update has been received well by many, I don’t think it’s quite right for how much content I’m going to be putting out. I’ll be reworking it quite a bit, so don’t fret! It should all be ready to read and back to normal fairly fast.

New Series!
Some of you who keep up with the site often, have seen a new series pop up, a little something called Spelljammer Summaries.

This is, as described in its article, going to be a Campaign Diary for me to express and share my Spelljammer game every Saturday. I’ll be going over what I planned for the session, what happened, and what I’ve learned. It should be at least helpful or entertaining, if not both!

So Yeah
I won’t lie folks, things are really picking up behind the scenes. I’ve been hard at work developing not one, not two, but three new series to put out to you all weekly!


I've been a huge fan of RPGs for the longest time now. Dungeons & Dragons has become my favorite hobby, and connected me with all sorts of people all over the world.

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