Spelljammer Summaries 10-11: The Deck of Many Things

This summary is gonna cover two different weeks of game, because frankly I was having a bad mental health week, and the weekend I was supposed to write 10, I promised my girlfriend to relax and do no work, so that I could recuperate. It was great, and to be fair, not a whole lot happened in session 10 anyway.

We last left off (two weeks ago) with the characters having slept in their large cavern filled with fireflies. They awoke to some Mephits who wanted to throw down, and Jason promptly obliterated them.

After that, Leo discovered what the Apron of Season could really do, and they got ready for the day of Dungeoneering.

My Prep 
Last week I gave the explanation for what adventure I was running, It’s an old school Dungeon of dangerous monsters, Gygaxian traps, and various incredible themes. Let me run down the way I did wandering monsters for you.

So, in general, if the party is going to run into a random encounter, it should be a 1-in-6 chance. That means roll a d6, and if it lands on a 6, they encounter something. In a dungeon, that something is usually a wandering monster. I had two lists for this dungeon, one for the upper floor, and one for the cavernous lower floor.

Upper Floor
1. Scro (2d8)
2. Ogre (Bolt thrower, or Battering Ram)
3. Giant Rats (2d6)
4. Broom of Animated Attack (1d4)
5. Waldo the Wonderful (Nothic) (Unique)
6. Zeligar’s Ghost (Banshee) (Unique)

Lower Floor
1. Piercers (1d6 + 1) 
2. Boggles (1d4)
3. Mephits (1d6) Mud, Smoke, Steam, Dust, Ice, or Magma.
4. Duodrone (1d4) Monodrone (x2 the Duodrones) 
5. Duergar Mind Master (Unique) 
6. Water Weird (Unique)

Let me break down each encounter, and what they would (or did) involve.

(The unique Wandering Monsters are a one time only deal. Once they run into them once, that’s that. No more. Unless they didn’t die the first time, which happens.)

Upper Floor

The Scro would have just been wandering, looking to claim this place as their own, they would have attacked on command. There were many Scro encounters that weren’t wandering, and were just static encounters. The players didn’t encounter many.

The Ogre was meant to be a threatening encounter that would batter the crew. So it would target who it could, and just move forward to attack, a relatively uninteresting but necessary encounter.

The Giant Rats were another boring but classic one, just designed to hurt or break the folks.

Brooms of Animated Attack would have looked harmless, sweeping the floor, then battered the party.

Waldo the Wonderful is a great one. A Nothic with four magic items. A hat that makes him invisible, a wand that lets him cast prestidigitation, a coat that allowed him some Charisma, and a Deck of Many Thing that he charges folks to use.

Zeligar’s Ghost is a Banshee, and wants a gift that was supposed to be given to him. Once the gift is given, he’d be fine. The more he showed up and the Gift wasn’t found, the closer he would come to being angry enough to fight.

Lower Floor

Piercers are the thing that don’t really wander, they’re monsters who just drop down from the ceiling. So the idea that the ceiling has a random amount of them at any time was fun to me. They would just drop as soon as they were rolled for.

Boggles are nasty little thieves, who would sneak in, steal stuff, and run. Causing the crew to chase them through the dungeon.

Mephits are freaks, and group together to gang up on folks. Unfortunately, one well placed fireball can blow them up. 

The Modron! Duodrones and Monodrones are participating in the annual Modron March, which is happening right now. They wander around a bit, sniffing, collecting, and investigating various things for their Primus. Harmless unless attacked.

Duergar Mind Master wouldn’t have let himself been known, but would have watched the party for quite a long time, joining in to kill them if they got into a fight. He want’s their things, and perhaps their ship. If he can kill them, he can get the info out of their brains.

The Water Weird was patrolling around looking to drown anybody it could in a pool of it’s own body. Creepy huh?

What Happened
The crew awakens in the morning to food and Leo’s discovery of the Apron of Season. As he feeds them, a portal opens up and several Modron spill out, investigating the area and looking for something. After a little while they shove a few things into their pockets and leave, waving goodbye as they go.

The crew wanders into a room that is seemingly being held up by a rod. After pressing the button from afar with Mage Hand, the rod is pulled free and the room collapses. Turns out it was an Immovable Rod. They then investigate another area of the large firefly room, which seems to be just a series of really wet caves that intersect with one another.

As they step in, the humanoid of them feel uneasy. Their earwax starts to melt, their body starts to force water out of itself everywhere. Pressure on each and every pore, their tear ducts splitting open, and various other parts of them just sweat water like crazy, as a voice tells them to leave. Hauberk stays a little longer, and their soul starts to pour out of their body slowly, so they leave.

The crew moves on, uneasy about that last room. They come across an arena, and in the arena is a figure wearing excellent armor covered in runes. It drags a greatsword, and challenges the characters. Gargax remarks that Vesk would have loved this place, as Amalia and Hauberk drop into the arena. The fight goes quick, but it seems that the enemy was a set of Animated Armor, with a Zombie inside of it. They acted on seperate initiatives, giving this creature extra speed and power.

The ones who didn’t enter were forced to watch, as a flaming barrier appeared before them, blocking magic between it. After the fight they remark how they’re going to change this place when they clear it out, and head back upstairs. They find themselves face to back with a pair of Scro, who they quickly take out and move on from.

The party find themselves in the Trophy room of Rohgan and Zelligar, with such trophies as the skin of a three-headed dragon, and the shield of a long dead Fire Giant. This is connected to a Throne Room, where a ghost of Zelligar appears and demands the party find his cloak. Moving on from there, the party finds a room of worship, with a massive statue of Orcus, a huge amount of religious idols for other deities, and 30 red coins in a pile in a sacrificial bowl.

Moving down the hall, they come across the room of Rohgan and Zelligar’s adopted son, Erig, who was their squire/first general. They were in dire straights when Erig had taken up Rohgans broken sword to slay the beast, and they brought him on permanently. The room is well kept, like parents who’s son has gone off to college. Nearby is the room of Erig’s lover, and Rohgan’s younger sister, Melissa. In her room is a comb that changes the hair color of all who run it through their hair.

The party doesn’t notice, but Gargax goes missing around this point, and Session 10 ends soon after a fight with some Scro, as well as an Ogre.

Session 11 picks up with them trying to find Gargax, who was exploring on his own to find Zelligar’s cloak, because the Ghost of Zelligar had been tormenting him since they met him two nights ago. Gargax was grabbed by an enchanted Cloak of Zelligar in his closet, and was close to dying before the crew saved him. He explains the torment, and Amalia gives him the ring of Zefiro she stole from The Chamber. It protects his mind from the constant berating, and the Ghost of Zelligar appears to explain that the Cloak was a “Gift not yet Given”.

The party have no clue what this means, but they develop a very, very, very bad plan. The plan includes going to the kitchens, making a shit load of noise, and creating a very stinky food item, so that they may attract all the Scro to their point at once, in order to slay them and freely explore without harm. Of course this goes terribly.

The encounters that I rolled were Waldo the Wonderful, Brooms of Animated Attack, and Giant Rats. Not super harmful, but Waldo has his Deck of Many Things.

When he offered it to the party just before their battle, Amalia, Hauberk, and Jason jumped at the chance. Several things happen at once.

1. Amalia’s soul leaves her body, as she drops to the floor.
2. Hauberk disappears, leaving his things behind.
3. Jason gains +2 to Charisma, but he loses the remaining wealth he accrued.

They grab Amalia, fireball the brooms and rats, and run back to the ship, where Oolu cracks the keg of The Last Leshraw in order to calm them down, and get what the fuck happened out of them. Leo isn’t taking it well, and Jason is making it worse by telling Leo that he’s now the captain.

It was at this point that we decided as a party to let Kili and Matt roll two new characters, because we knew now that this was our new quest. Get back the captain, and save the warforged. I was also having some really wild ideas in my head, and we all took ten minutes to think it all through.

The crew assemble and discuss what happened, and Oolu and Leo take the lead. Oolu technically being the owner of the ship, thanks to Amalia’s last words, and then Leo being the new captain, as he used to be the co-captain.

Jason explains that he was doing research on a place called Eberron, and in doing so, was also researching the Elemental Plane of Fire. He thinks there are creatures there that could help them get back their friends with a Wish spell. So the crew heads back to Braal, in order to gather more adventurous types who would be willing to help them.

On arrival, they meet Mardan Rhom, who is disappointing in their failure, but wishes them a little luck on their journey to save their friends. Jason goes back to the library to do some investigating, and Leo heads to the festival grounds with Zilly. Jason finds a few books on Efreeti, and how they have the power to grant wishes, but only if they’re high ranking and powerful.

Kili comes back in with her character Lilli Roaringhorn, a glamour bard with finesse and skill. Matt comes through with his character Gimble, the Beast Master Ranger who owns and rides a Pteradon.

Oolu sacrifices two fingers on her left hand in order to gain an extra use of her Plane Shift spell today, and Leo, Jason, Gimble, Lilli, Gargax, and Oolu teleport to the City of Brass, and very specifically straight into the bedroom of an Efreeti with his concubines.

He’s furious at the intrusion, but Lilli starts to play her music, announcing their arrival, and Jason and Leo offer up any price for him to help them save their friends. They give gifts to him, including Jason’s arcane focus, and Leo’s twin elemental schimitars. Then agree to pay him for the wish. He asks for their charisma and intelligence, and when they shake his hands, Leo loses charisma, and Jason loses intelligence.

The Efreeti then tells them that Amalia Atwood is within the dark and gloomy confines of Castle Ravenloft, and that Hauberk is within the festivities of San Diego Comic Con.

I gave Kili and Matt a little glimpse at where they were. Amalia is within the ring of a man playing the organ, and Hauberk is frozen in a pose of action against a green alien statue.

That’s where the session ended, and boy was it a doozie.

What I learned
Plain and simple, I learned that the Deck of Many Things will inject something into your game no matter what. Excitement? Pleasure? Insanity? All of it. Don’t use it unless you’re ready for massive changes, and don’t use it unless you want to have some fun. I have no issue with using it, because I love some improv, and the players themselves made the choice to draw those cards, and it was a bombastic affair.

The crazy ideas I had will lead to wild adventures, and our four players are more than ready to head out on them. It’s gonna be an excellent adventure.

Spelljammer Summaries is a simple Campaign Diary article series about my time running a 5e Spelljammer game. It is filled with many details and lore about Spelljammer, with a good portion of my own homebrew details. 

If you have any more questions about how to run your own Spelljammer game, Contact me! I’ll be happy to share any personal resources I use. 

Here are a few resources from across the web that got me started!

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