Spelljammer Summaries 12-13: To San Diego and Beyond!

Last week we ended on a sour note, with Amalia and Hauberk gone, Leo and Jason searching for clues to where they are, and with an Efreeti giving their locations.

Amalia Atwood is inside Castle Ravenloft.
Hauberk is in the event known as San Diego Comic Con.

My Prep 
A journey was ahead of us, so as usual, I created a Travel Log. Using my patented method (It’s not patented), I put together several events and the following are ones that aren’t spoilers. I’ve mostly compressed the process of creating a travel log, so it’s easier to read, and gives me a gameplan with points to hit, rather than a full breakdown of the session. Green is for encounters that include dialogue and trading. Basically just unique, and non-combat, encounters. The Red is an enemy that will attack. The Blue is a new location.

(Inside Realmspace)
4 Days
Eonic Drifter (1,000 PP per vial of sand, also various other potions)
26 Days
(Enter Phlogiston)
2 Days
15 Days
Blast Space (Fifflefaff warns them not to go there, his Psionic powers are freaking out)
70 Days
Storm Giant
6 Days
Dwarven Ship filled with Zombies
25 Days
Mysterious Silver Blur
(Enter The Mist)
Finding the original Earth puzzle

The Eonic Drifter is pulled directly out of Kobold Press‘s book Tome Of Beasts. It’s a really incredible time-manipulating creature, and having one as a mysterious shopkeep that travels to sell time sand to folks was a fun idea. The Storm Giant is from the Monster Manual, and the Silver Blur won’t be important yet.

The Astereater is a direct from-scratch stat-block, put together using this incredible article from “Blog of Holding”. Which is an absolutely essential blog for DMs to check out. I’ll have that up on my Patreon sometime soon, for Patrons to check out. The Dwarven Ship of Zombies would have been just using some fun Undead from the Monster Manual.

Finally, I rolled few new spheres that I rolled up for the journey. It and the rest will be covered in What Happened. 

What Happened
While the crew was attempting to find more info on Castle Ravenloft and San Diego, they spent a good amount of time and money. In this time, they gathered resources, trained skills, and greased palms to gain more info. This was handled with a quick discussion of the downtime, and in general, not a whole lot happened. Though, there was some things of note, so I’ll cover those.

Leo acting as captaind basically allowed anybody to use the ship money when they wanted to. Jason bought new spells, Lilli trained her lockpicking, and Gimble put together a large batch of potions and alchemical items.

Oolu, extremely heartbroken over the disappearance of Amalia, has been mapping, searching, and thinking long and hard about where a place like Castle Ravenloft would be.

Zilly, a long loved NPC decided she was tired of waiting, and left the ship. Leo attempted to stop her, but quickly became frustrated and basically told her to get lost. This was emotional for a five minute scene, and as always Chris has shown his RP talents handily.

Jason contacted Gibben to alert her to what happened, and Gibben replied that she wouldn’t be able to help much, but she would help modify the ship in some way. She added a ram to the front of the Vespa Nera, and gave the crew her best wishes.

Finally, Leo got some information after three months of waiting and searching. A man named William Best was talking about his home town of San Dimas, which was close to San Diego. Leo approached him and they talked for a bit, it seemed that William wasn’t 100% sure how he got to the Rock of Braal, but he was from a place called Earth, and he’d be happy to help the crew get to San Diego.

After a few days on the ship, the crew runs into an Eonic Drifter, a mysterious man who wished to sell sand to the crew. Sand that would allow them to rectify mistakes they made since they bought the sand.

What follows is the first of a large amount of downtime. Since this was a full five months of travel, there is a ton of this stuff. Folks used this downtime to train, and Gimble used it to create new and exciting alchemical creations.

After many days sailed, the crew witnessed an Astereater. A large and fierce creature of dark intentions. It looks like an asteroid, but is really a Beholder-like creature, that then followed them for weeks. They attempted to evade it’s chase with a trip into a new sphere they had come across. Fifflefaff warns against it, saying his psionic powers are exploding with hatred and anger. They head in anyway.

This would soon be realized as a dire mistake.

Once in the sphere the crew of the Vespa Nera very quickly found that there was a dark red sun, and nothing but chunks of rock and earth within the confines of this sphere. After sleeping, they realized what the uncomfortable feeling that filled the air.

Leo awoke to Amalia, and Vesk, standing over his bed. Both of them played  yet again by Kili and Jake. Their eyes glowed with red energy, as the sun was clearly having an effect on them, granting life for a time, fueled by hatred. The battle that ensued was emotional, as Oolu was impaled upon Vesk’s sword, and Jason punched Amalia hard in the face to knock her out. The party succeeded, but just barely after, the terror that was in control flew in. A massive black dragon, covered in red details, wielding a dark red ring. It breathed bloody acid and shot fireballs at the crew, but they all survived as Jason himself plugged in to the Spelljammer to get them out of there.

It was traumatic, it was amazing, and having Kili and Jake play both their previous and their new characters was incredible. They did a great job when I gave them little warning.

After that whole ordeal, the team rests and heals, while Oolu, Jason, and Leo agree that Jason would be the better choice for leader. Leo is a bit bitter about this at first, but got over it.

Almost three months pass by before the crew runs into their next incredible destination.  A sphere filled with Giants of all kinds, arguing and fighting. One flies to the crew and explains that there is a civil war between two main types of giants. The crew continue onward, opting to not help out in the civil war.

The air on the Vespa Nera starts to thin a bit, so the crew decides to stop in the next sphere, a place called Serpent Space, to freshen their supply up. Outside the sphere is a Dwarven Temple, floating in the Phlogiston. They don’t ever visit it, but it’s full of Zombies.

The planet they do visit, at the bottom of Serpentspace, is an air world, with an Atmosphere that shuts down magic. The ship crashes, the crew barely makes it, but they lose William Best. While on this airworld, they find a small village of Grung, and attempt to make contact. They learn that during the day, the sunlight of this sphere shuts down magic. But during the night, the magic still works. This is because of the massive serpent that travels through the space around the star, covering it and causing it to eclipse, rise, set, etc.

The crew gets the ship back in working order in the evening, and continues on their way, making it finally to the mists of Dead’s End, where the multiverse of Earths collide. In order to find the right earth, the crew make a tough decision to find the Copper Man and strike a deal. He reveals that he’s the one who has Hauberk, and that he will use San Diego Comic Con as a sort of test or game for the party. Gimble is too spooked to deal with the Copper Man, and so he leaves. The Copper Man reveals Earth’s location, and they head there.

Now our Crew have arrived on the correct Earth, and I will be running them through a final test before a three week break while I take a vacation!

What I learned
Something I knew, but I’ve continued to learn is that Jake, Kili, Matt and Chris are all fucking awesome Roleplayers. I hand them a situation, a threat, or a decision, and they run with it big time.

Chris played Leo really well while he was panicking and trying hard to remain in control.

Jake and Kili played incredible “haunted” versions of their old characters.

And Matt decided his character wouldn’t even be interested in the plot, so he realized the character should go. Considering next session is the mission to save his normal character, then that shouldn’t be a problem.

There are a ton of NPCs, and all my players do their best to form meaningful connections with them. It’s a blast to see, and a blast to experience. I’m lucky to have them.

Spelljammer Summaries is a simple Campaign Diary Article Series about my time running a 5e Spelljammer game. It is filled with many details and lore about Spelljammer, with a good portion of my own homebrew details. 

If you have any more questions, or would like to discuss Spelljammer, come to my Discord! 

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