Update: Patreon, Ads, Site, New Series!

Hey there everybody, got a whole new collection of stuff to talk with you all about! First things first, the Patreon! I’ve had the Patreon for a little while now, but it wasn’t exactly narrow enough in scope to be realistic. I did gain a few Patrons, and to those of you who signed up, thank you so much! But, I’ve since made it easier than ever to understand what you get by supporting me, and part of that is getting all my articles early. All the articles from this very site are always going to be free, but you’ll get them a day earlier! Which means if you’re a Patron, go head over to my Patreon and take a look at tomorrows Sense of Immersion on Giff! Another cool part of my Patreon will be the Monsters, Items, Spells, and more that I’ve been working on for years. I’ll be posting those up for “Heroes” level Patrons! All of

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