Update: New Site Style!

Hey everybody! If you’ve been checking up with Dugan Games, a few thing’s have probably stuck out to you. It looks different, and we have a new domain name! Dugan.Games is the brand new domain, and is simple and easy to remember. I’ve also been working on modifying the look of the site to be easier to read and work with on all different devices. So hopefully that works out. Another somewhat important discussion is Ads. I’ve been thinking about running them on the site, and there are a lot of options for how to run them and where, and your feedback is appreciated. For now, I have everything on just to see how invasive it gets, and then I’m going to lessen it and modify it as it goes on, so that I can make sure it doesn’t overwhelm anybody or cause the site to look awful. Just bear with me, because these changes are big, and the site

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